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Monday 15 July 2013

Quote For The Day

    "It's not often one gets a second chance. If I had a second chance, I want you to know I wouldn't do it again."
             {No.24 - The Schizoid Man}

    So why did she betray No.6 in the first place? Perhaps pressure was administered by No.2, well not by No.2 himself, but had someone else apply the pressure, for pete's sake you know what I mean. But No.2 could have applied persuasion. Which of course No.24 would not be able to resist.
   And just when was it that No.6 decided to help Alison-No.24 with her mind reading act? I expect she went looking to him for help, women usually do. I don't think Alison was a plant, having been assigned to No.6 by No.2, because you cannot fake the mental link they shared. I think the mental link was genuine, and something which No.2 could exploit against No.6.

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