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Saturday 13 July 2013

Caught On Camera!

Look At His Newspaper!
   No.6 goes into the General Store in the episode of Hammer Into Anvil, and the first thing he does is take a copy of the newspaper The Tally Ho from the rack.
   Then No.6 asks the shopkeeper for all six recordings, the recordings of the Davier recording of Bizet's L'alesienne. He writes something down on a piece of paper, hands the records back to the shopkeeper, and leaves his copy of the newspaper behind. The word SECURITY has been circled, and a question mark put over it.
   Moments later No.6 observes the shopkeeper leave the General store to make his way to the Green Dome, with the six copies of the Davier records and No.6's copy of The Tally Ho under his arm. Moments later the Shopkeeper is in No.2's office. Having listened to all six recording of L'alesienne, the Shopkeeper hands No.2 No.6's copy of The Tally Ho.
   But I tell you that that isn't No.6's copy of the newspaper........ it's folded the wrong way! Such was the lack of continuity on the production of the Prisoner! Where’s the continuity? Where’s that Josie Fulford when you need her?

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