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Wednesday 24 July 2013

The Therapy Zone

    Roland Walter Dutton is a man who No.6 thinks he once knew. Isn't he sure? I mean he knew Dutton instantly at the cave, who told No.6 that they want information from him, but that as No.6 knew, Roland Walter Dutton didn't have access to the "vital stuff."
   So if No.6 wasn’t too sure whether he knew Dutton, but Dutton knew the Prisoner. And the village knew that they knew each other, otherwise the doctor-No.40 wouldn't have tried that little experiment at the beginning of ‘Dance of the Dead,’ in using Dutton to try and get information from No.6. Oh, not the reason for his resignation. Only file headings, not details, which seems a waste of a good experiment to me. But there you are.
  So yes, there can be no doubt that No.6 knew Roland Walter Dutton. But here in the village, perhaps he had doubts on why he is here in the first place. A man who didn't have access to the "vital stuff!"

Patrick McGoohan
    A report on the production of the new ‘Prisoner’ series has it that Patrick McGoohan is not scheduled, at this time to appear in this reinterpretation of the Prisoner. McGoohan, now at 80 years of age, if he was to be given a cameo role in the new Prisoner series, I think it might be a good idea to have that cameo role in the final episode - as the previous No.6-No.1 the power behind the Village.
   Or perhaps McGoohan's cameo role of the previous No.6, might take him to the Old People's Home, sitting at a table on the lawn with a chess set, set out as he sits waiting for an opponent! Either that or being pushed around in a wheelchair with a tinted visor over his face, as many citizens did in the original ‘Prisoner’ series.
   {He wanted to be No.2!}

The Village Relocated!
    If one is of the opinion that the village was in Morocco, one of the suggested locations in the episode of ‘Many Happy Returns,’ then the relocation for the Village is on the same continent at least. Only thousands, upon thousands of miles away in Namibia Swakopmund, that doesn't slip of the tongue none to easily! Not only that, but it's one hell of a way to go to attend a Prisoner convention in Swakopmund - Namibia!
   And why shouldn't the village be relocated, after all the original Village had been abandoned, left to fall into decay, to become over grown, and reclaimed by the woods as it were. And now some 40 years and more, a new village is called for, "relocation" instead of "resurrection," with new technology, but the same white membranic village guardian, well what better? And No.2, well he still wants information, information, information.... but this time we might learn what he's going to do with it if he gets it!

Why The Crosspiece?
   Because it's an easier way to restrain No.6, that's why, and as seen in the final scene in ‘Free for All.”
    It would appear that if the reason for his resignation cannot be tricked out of No.6, however they are well prepared to "beat" it out of him. But in having done so, have they not "damaged the tissue?" And even now, having taken a beating for his pains, No.6 is still not prepared to talk. In fact the only good thing to come out of all this election rigmarole, is that the pair of mechanics, who No.6 dealt with aboard thet jet boat, during his attempt to escape during the election period of Free For All, eventually got their revenge upon No.6.

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