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Wednesday 17 July 2013

The Therapy Zone

It's A Question Of Rejection
   No.6, so he says didn't accept, he rejected! He asked No.2 why he accepted? But what exactly was it that No.6 had rejected? His job, from which he had resigned? Well of course he had resigned, but from what? And what had caused this loyal man, who was once completely devoted to his work to resign? In my opinion, and it is only my opinion, that the Prisoner all begins with Fall Out, and don't forget that Once Upon A Time was originally a much earlier episode in the screening order. So that when during their deliberations during once Upon A time, it is quite possible that when No.6 says that he didn't accept, that he "rejected," No.6 could be talking about the offer of ultimate power offered to him during Fall Out. Because if the Prisoner all began with Fall Out, then Once Upon A Time would follow sometime after Fall Out! And it would make sense that what took place in that final episode made the Prisoner go and hand in his letter of resignation. What about the ex-No.2? Didn't he reject The Village, and said that he wouldn't be hypnotised by Number One anymore? Well I know, but I never said this theory was perfect!

Who Is The Prisoner?
    If you answer Patrick McGoohan, you'd be wrong. If you said John Drake, you'd be wrong again. I'd say it as No.6 once said to No.2 in Once Upon A Time "Ask on, ask yourself!" Because we're all Prisoners of one kind or another.

   I realise that the door of the bathroom slides to the left. But in No.6's cottage of 6 Private, I wonder if the hot and cold taps of the shower had been put on the wrong way round?

Dance Of The Dead
   Seeing as how the French Revolution was raised in this episode, it might have been more in keeping if the Prisoner had been taken before Madame Guillotine! And during The Chimes of Big Ben, No.2 voiced his hope to No.6, that of the whole Earth as The Village. Because The Village is the blueprint for the future, an International community. Which is odd, because that is just what Europe has become since the outset of what was The Common Market, an International community. And that is what Napoleon Bonaparte wanted, a united Europe, an International community with France at it's head, and with one currency which some countries of Europe have as the one currency, the Euro, just as the Village enjoys one single currency, the work Unit.

Information And Observations
    It could simply be for the camera, and the benefit of the viewers, but in the episode of The Chimes of Big Ben, No.2 whilst in the control room looks up at the map of the world on the control room wall. And the area No.2 looks up at, is that of the Baltic, where Nadia and No.6 are supposed to be just off the coast of Poland in their small home-made boat. Well that is part of the plot. But nowadays we know differently.
    The name of the deserted village in ‘The Girl Who Was Death’ Witchwood, is incorrectly spelt. It should be spelt Wychwood, of which there are several throughout the counties of England.
    Wychwood is but a killing ground for the girl who was death. Such villages in the past, and probably do still exist today, as training grounds for the military, such as the S.A.S.
    It is a curious fact is it not, that the Green Dome is called the Green Dome, when in fact its colour is more akin to that of turquoise than is actually green!
    As it hardly rains in the village, this surely means that the village enjoys a temperate climate, and is an aid towards discovering the possible location of the village.
    I wonder what the facts behind Town Hall are?
    Tally Ho is the cry of the hunt, and used as the title of the villages newspaper, as correspondents hunt down a good story. But if they can't find a good story, they'll make one up!
    Tally Ho, meaning you either run with the hounds, or you are the fox, reeking havoc in the village!
   ‘Dance of the Dead,’ imagine if you will what might have happened had the screaming citizens who were to carry out the death sentence against the Prisoner, had actually caught up with him. They'd have torn him limb from limb with their bare hands - surely. So think of the mess!

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