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Tuesday 23 July 2013

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   I thought I'd lost some of my basic privileges, with the electricity and water having been turned off! And then when I went outside to the absolute silence of the village....... Well there was no-one about, not anywhere!

No-one coming and going along the path!

 No-one in the square, or coming and going along the road.

   The Cafe was closed!

    There was no sign of the old folks, and no-one was clambering aboard the Stoneboat!

   I climbed the Bell Tower, and rang the bell in order to attract someone’s attention, anyone’s attention………but there was no-one!

     Hang on! What about me? Everyone has escaped the Village, everyone but me and the cat! I wasn’t going to hang about and see what happens, that’s not my way. I am a man of action. And believe me, I couldn't get away fast enough, and no I didn't stop to wonder how they did it, or why they had all went and gone to leave me alone in the village!
   And why did I take it all so well, to find myself brought back to the village, and to discover that woman Mrs. Butterworth is No.2... well I've learned that anything is
possible. But believe me, the day will never dawn when I go running back to my old colleagues again...... twice bitten forever shy, that's me!


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