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Thursday 23 January 2014

60 Second interview With Cathy

    Cathy "Why don't you and your friend come in mister, regulars get the first one on the house."
    No.113 "Pick up a lot of passing trade do you?"
    No.113b "Smile. That's one for the album, and Tally Ho Pin-Up of the week!" {flash goes the camera}.
    "Look I'm offering you a drink on the house."
    No.113 "Oh, my mistake, but if you happen to change your mind."
   "Look if you're not careful you'll make the Kid jealous. So why don't you behave yourself, and you and your friend come in for a drink? "
   "Well it's a hot day a lemonade perhaps."
   No.113b "I'll have a glass of Butter milk."
Cathy "I don't think we've got any of that. We don't keep a cow out back."
   "Yeah, but there's one........"
   "Now don't spoil it mister. We're having a bit of fun, lets keep it nice and friendly shall we."
   "How did a nice girl like you get into the Saloon busines?"
   "Who are you boys?"
   "I'm a reporter for the Harmony Times, and he's my photographic colleague."
   "I haven't seen you around these parts before."
   "Oh we've just started the newspaper. So will you tell us about yourself? You never did say what got you into this business."
   "A girl's got to live."
   "And the Kid?"
   "I manage to keep him at arms length."
   "Yeah, but for how, long? He's dangerous!"
   "You just remember that mister. Sam was the last man to flirt with me. The Kid shot him dead in the saloon!"
    "That's a funny place to get shot!"
   "Well, why don't you come inside and I'll show you the blood stains. You can write about it in your newspaper."

Reporter No.113
Photographer No.13b

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