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Saturday 25 January 2014

The Therapy Zone

    No.26, the Labour Exchange Manager, who seems to me to be a little out of step with his contemporaries. He seems more suited to a bygone age. I mean in the way details of No.6's file he keeps hand written in a ledger instead of a plastic clear pocket file in the way No.2 does. However 26 is a master of interrogation techniques, primarily in the use of the "Truth Test," and knows just how far to go without damaging the tissue! More than that, he knows exactly what No.6 is up to, and what he hopes to achieve should No.6 be elected as the new No.2.
    No.26 was promoted to the position of the Labour Exchange Manager after his predecessor No.20, was promoted to No.2's assistant for ‘The Chimes of Big Ben.’ Also the Labour exchange Manager is the only Village Administrator to wear grey tails, with a grey Top Hat.

Two Is A Very Clever Man
  He pits citizen against citizen. He offers Six a deal, an opportunity to turn the situation of becoming an "Undercover" to his own advantage. Yet Two's may come , and Two's may go, but each are tied with the same constraint, that no harm must come to Six. That he must survive, but can "suffer!" Deals are offered, and the tissue must not be damaged, something’s never change.

Acceptance Of Things As They Are
    Many of the Village citizens have accepted the situation of their imprisonment, whilst others have been brought to the village of their own free will. And that does not account for those born to the village, and therefore know nothing else.
   There are exceptions to any such rule, and they are No.6, No.48 a rebellious youth, No.12 who saw the Professor as a "crank," and carried out an act of sabotage in No.6's cottage. Also on the list are malcontents, Jammers, and Unmutuals. Life suddenly doesn't look so cosy in the Village, does it?
    Yet there is both a good side to the Village as well as bad. Because the village and its administration does look after you for as long as you live, and that reflects upon the welfare state in which we live. Although the welfare state does on occasion, struggle to look after all of our welfare needs. After all the hospital may be full of patients, but surely not all must be undergoing therapy, aversion therapy, leucotomies, and experimentation at the hands of No.40 and 22. Reason must determine that there are patents in the hospital who are there for what we are pleased to call "legitimate illnesses."
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