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Monday 13 January 2014

Patrick Mcgoohan In Memorium

   It is the fifth anniversary of the death of Patrick McGoohan. What follows is text written by yours truly at the time, or around the time of his death.
    There is a quietness fallen over the village today, an atmosphere which is different to what it was. Last evening the death of Patrick McGoohan was announced.
  And last night there was a brief mention on both the 7 oclock news on Channel 4, and less than 30 seconds at the end of "News Night" on BBC2.
   This morning the newspapers all appear to carry either an article on Patrick McGoohan, or an obituary. I've even found Patrick's obituary on-line at the Los Angeles Times, and New York Times.
   I have a record of the Prisoner music playing on the gramophone as I type this. Not that I'm feeling sad, because I'm not, I have to say that. And when fans write that they will miss him, well in all probability, the majority of fans, they like me, never met Patrick McGoohan. And to say that the world is not the same place, well that's.... of course it is. And if you put the Prisoner on DVD or video, there he is Patrick McGoohan, just as he was when you last watched the series.
   I suppose I feel so unaffected by Patrick McGoohan's death because I never met the man. I did meet Patrick McGoohan's stunt double Frank Maher, and to be honest I felt more sad about his death because I had met the man. Frank was more approachable than Patrick McGoohan has ever been. That's not talking ill of the dead, just stating plain facts.
    The Prisoner will go on just as it has for years when Patrick McGoohan lived in America cut off from the fans of the series he created. Yet having said that, if it had not been for McGoohan and the Prisoner, well perhaps my own life would have been so different. He brought something to people's lives with the Prisoner, but somehow I don't think he expected anyone to take Prisoner appreciation to such extremes.
I'm Johnny Prisoner

    The death of Patrick McGoohan, better known to us here in the Village as Number Six, has hit the news headlines this morning, after the news broke last evening. He died after a short illness, Sharif Ali, McGoohan's agent is reported in the Los Angeles saying "He really didn't talk much about his illness. We were too busy talking about his future, he was excited to get back to work. He had so much more to give."
   Patrick McGoohan will be missed by his family and friends. His fans will mourn his loss, and the Village have lost a prize prisoner who never gave anything away if he could help it.

Death Is An Escape
    The news of the death of a prized citizen of the village broke last evening. Number Six, who kept the secret of his resignation to the last. A man who was defiant, at times Unmutual. Who fought, resisted coercion, held fast, maintained his individuality, such was this man of steel so magnificently equipped to lead the village. But who all through his life he resisted the village.
    Has Number Six finally escaped? There are those who would say that death is an escape. But I dare say Number Six will always be "with us." He will be remembered by those who knew him, by those who thought they knew him, and by those who tried to break him, to find his breaking point.
   Had Number Six merely given Number Two what he wanted to know, then life here in the village could have been so very different for the Prisoner. But it was not in the nature of the man simply to "give in." The words first uttered upon his arrival here in the Village so long ago by the Prisoner "I am not a number. I am a free man," will echo around the Village for many years to come.

Be seeing you


  1. "Patrick Mcgoohan In Memorium"

    This is SO sloppy. Given the importance of the man to you and hundreds of others, this is almost disrespectful.

    Patrick McGoohan In Memoriam

  2. What do you mean? That David didn't write a decent obit on this occasion? Perhaps he should have but we don't know the reasons why it didn't come about. I can tell you, in the case of my own Prisoner or Nummer 6 involvement, it isn't that I wouldn't want to write something specific which has been on my mind, it's a matter of time and - call it - mental freshness, gotta have your head free of everyday things to get going. That's all. That's a lot. - BCNU!

  3. Hi david,
    I thoroughly appreciate your franckness even if I don't fully understant your apparent lack of emotion. I didn't know personaly Patrick McGoohan, like many fans but felt affected by his death, about 18 months after the event. I didn't know
    very well The Prisoner when Pat McGoohan died. I discovered The Prisoner on TV during July and August 2010 and became immediately fascinated. I didn't have computer and learnt his death in a bookshop. I felt affected and was sad during weeks. I didn't see his death as an escape but as an abandonment of his struggle against the power, illness... I think I compared him as Number 6. He put so mutch of himself in his series...
    Be Seeing You

  4. David's lack of emotion, difficulty in talking about anyone other than himself (the pieces above are mainly about how David does or doesn't feel about McGoohan's passing, not a tribute to the man himself), coupled with his obsession with the two Prisoner tv series, suggest he may be suffering from Asperger's syndrome. Our lady of the Looking Glass is at least affected by Patrick's death, David's more concerned with name-dropping Frank Maher. Finally misspelling McGoohan and Memoriam doesn't help his cause.
    'In memoriam' is a Latin phrase that directly translates as "into memory" and examples of its uses can be found in obituaries and in epitaphs. David has written neither an obituary nor an epitaph, so, as well as misspelling it, is using the phrase fraudulently.

    1. So, Anonymous raises his ugly voice once again. What is this obsession you have with David? It is his blog, he is free to write whatever he chooses, spelling mistakes and all.
      If you hate him and his blog so much, obvious by your insulting remarks towards him, why do you waste your precious time reading it? You are fast becoming a laughing stock and already people are sick of you.
      Since you clearly think you and your knowledge is far superior, why don't you share the benefit of your wisdom, by writing your own blog?

      PS Regarding the Asperger's syndrome reference. This is generally associated with people of high intelligence, so perhaps you are paying him a compliment!

      Tosha McBride

  5. It just doesn't matter how an appreciative article is called and whether David misspells something. Besides, who'd expect David crying 5 years after the fact. McGoohan's passing is a loss, certainly, but to his relatives in the first place. Call it blasphemous or outrageous, it's his work, The Prisoner, that I enjoy and admire. A work of art that, like many others, sometimes proves to be wiser than its creator. - BCNU!

  6. Additionally I think McGoohan would have appreciated Davids work to keep critical and honest, but appreciative discussion alive more than he would have appreciated someone trying to insult other fans.There's no lack of appreciation in a typo, and Memorium is a word that exists in its own right.

  7. David has simply reproduced now what he wrote "at the time, or around the time of his death". Of course, 5 years on I would not expect anyone to lament Patrick's passing passionately, but at the time there are some wonderfully heartfelt tributes to the man on the 'Net. David's, however, is not one of them, it's scarcely a tribute, just glorified news reporting. And as a published author I would expect him to know how to spell and string proper sentences together, wouldn't you?

  8. Why insist on correct spelling here? What is it that you expect a "heartfelt tribute" from David while he, for some reason, did not or was not able to write it and so republished and old article? You could have sent him your own if you felt such a thing was missing. Given you'd have kept to the subject I'm sure David would have published it. - BCNU!

  9. I just want to add my support for David here and say that I agree with his sentiments.
    Tosha McBride, in particular, mirrored my thoughts !
    Sorry its a rather belated comment David,Im sure you understand,
    With every best wish,

  10. Me too, I want to add my support for David here. I've already emailed him.
    To the nasty and coward unsavoury character : I'm NOT "your lady of the looking glass", I'm Christine and my reply was friendly to David.
    My very best wishes to David and to all his friends and readers.