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Tuesday 21 January 2014


    Why didn't No.1 intervene between No.6 and No.2 of 'Hammer Into Anvil?' I know that No.1, or someone superior to No.2 asked him if he needed assistance, to which No.2 said that he could manage. But surely even if No.1 hadn't seen for himself what No.6 was up to against No.2, surely it would have been reported, after all No.14 could see what No.6 was up to, and No.1 should have stepped in to stop No.6 from carrying out his plots and schemes against No.2. Unless of course......No.1 is a bigger sadist than No.2, taking pleasure in seeing No.6 carrying out his schemes and plots against someone who was seen to be a weak link in the chain of command, and yet arrogant enough not to accept help when it's offered!


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