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Friday 17 January 2014

The Therapy Zone

Waste Not Want Not
    "Waste not want not," this No.2 tells No.6 when they meet up in the mortuary in the Town Hall. So considering that phrase, I mean if No.6 is supposed to have died in an accident at sea, perhaps she should have used the dead body of Curtis, having put the amended wallet in his pocket, and the body dumped somewhere out at sea. I mean that would have saved on the plastic surgery!  Waste not want not, simples.

The Schizoid Men!
  Curtis, who went about impersonating No.6, actually wore his numbered badge. Surely it should have been drummed into Curtis's head that No.6 never wears his numbered badge! But on the other hand, No.6 was only too happy to wear his numbered badge, when impersonating Curtis!

    It's Your Funeral, a plan built by a man who believed in complete manipulation - a watch-maker on human scale - failed miserably. When the episode ends, the innocents {the retiring No.2 and citizens of the Village} are preserved and two winners emerge - No.6 who remained true to himself, and No.1, who let an over-zealous No.2 cause his own downfall. No.6 and No.1? Aren't they the same? Fanatical watchmakers can never win, but at least Monique still has her father.

If Only!
   "If he will answer one simple question, the rest will follow."
                                   {No.2. The Chimes of Big Ben}

   And to his credit No.2 did try to get No.6 to answer one simple question when preparing to pour out the tea "One lump or two?" he asked No.6. But No.6 wouldn't even answer this "simple question" "It's in my file" is as far as No.6 would go. But this No.2 was not the first to try this tack with No.6, No.2 tried it during his debriefing with No.2 on the morning of his arrival. It appeared that the Prisoner's time of his birth was missing from his file. "Well there you are. Now let's bring it all up to date." "Four thirty-one am, ninetieth of March nineteen twenty-eight." I've nothing to say. Is that clear? Absolutely nothing." and that's all No.2 got out of No.6, his time of birth!   He's a clever fellow that No.6. He wouldn't drop his guard with his own grandmother!

  No.51 the Watchmaker, who has lived in The Village for many years. His profession is a watchmaker, and he has his own shop, in much the same way as No.19 or 56 {being that same character} and later No.12 runs The General Store. He has a daughter, Monique-No.50, but no wife. Presumably his wife died some time ago. But it is never realised whether or not No.51 came to the Village of his own free will, or as a prisoner. If as a prisoner, then why was his wife and daughter brought to the Village? Therefore is it quite on the cards that the little watchmaker came to the Village of his own free will, along with his wife, with Monique having been born in the Village.
   Of course much of the above is pure speculation, as we do not know enough about this character to say one way or another. But one thing I can say, is that I have a favourite line spoken by No.51“I must get on with my work!”

And so must I, be seeing you

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