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Monday 13 January 2014

The Therapy Zone

   No.9 of ‘Arrival.’ This poor woman is the pawn of many a player, and not only No.2. No.9 is a used woman, used by No.2 who dishes out her new assignments like he pours out cups of tea! First there was Cobb, and now No.6, but how many before them?
   Cobb used No.9 in order to for her to acquire the Electro Pass, well that's the story, and it could be true. Because Cobb was a Prisoner before he was turned, and we don't know just how long Cobb had been in the village. But that's something else to think about at another time. But if we are to take No.9's story at face value, then she was also used by the helicopter pilot, because No.9 told No.6 that she got the Electro Pass because she knew the last pilot! And of course No.6 used No.9 much in the same way as Cobb had done, but in his case No.6 got further than Cobb.
   So as the Admiral-No.66 said "We're all pawns me’ dear." Yes, but some pawns are used more often than others!

   Hammer Into Anvil - A complete and utter disaster for No.2, but if only he had trusted his assistant No.14. No.2 is suffering from paranoia, and has done so long before No.6 came along, you can see that in the article in The Tally Ho. He's afraid of his masters, a weak link in the chain of command waiting to be broken. He trusts no-one, sees conspiracies everywhere, and loses in the battle of wits with No.6. What more is there to be said?

It's Inexplicable
   The way in which  No.6 reacts in Many Happy Returns, when he hears that Police car siren. I mean he cannot think for one minute that the Police are after him. And escaped prisoner he might be, but of The Village, not Parkhurst prison!

The General
   As the tale draws to a conclusion, two people die and the General is destroyed, as No.6 asks why? Why indeed!

Why No.48?
   According to the President or Judge, No.48's crime is, simply, not to conform, to dare to question and defy the trappings of authority. And according to a delegate he has unhealthy aspects of speech and dress which is not in accordance with general practice. And what's more he has refused to observe, wear or respond to his number! Well there are many in The Village who have shown defiance by not wearing their Number, and this youth has hardly shown any intention of overthrowing authority. However he is condemned. But what I find so fascinating by this irritating excuse for a youth, is what was it really that brought him to The Village in the first place? Was it really for his rebellious nature? And what were the circumstances which brought him to the same point as the Prisoner-No.6? No.6, they thought, would happier as himself, wearing his own suit of clothes, could the same be said of No.48, seeing as he's wearing his own clothes? I suppose it must.

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