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Thursday 30 January 2014

The Therapy Zone

    Seeing as it turned out that Number 1 is the alter ego of Number 6, they must surely have shared the same thoughts. That being the case it is no wonder then, that "they" knew exactly how Number 6 would behave in any given situation. But would that work the other way round?

Tonight When The Moon Rises The Whole World Will Turn To Silver
   That is a line from the radio transmission heard by No.6 whilst sitting on the outlook atop of the cliffs. It has been assumed, by me amongst others as well as No.6, for it was that message which sent him down to the beach looking for a sign from his world. A light, a boat, a plane, that the message was meant for the dead man found on the beach. Well of course it might have been, but clearly that radio message was not meant for No.6, and perhaps it wasn't even meant for the dead man on the beach.
   Because if you look at one particular line contained within that message "If our torment is to end, if liberty is to be restored, we must grasp the nettle even though it makes our hands bleed" which suggests that the message might be transmitted somewhere within the village, as it contains words such as "torment" and "liberty." Is it not more likely that whilst No.6 was tuning in that radio, he picked up a message transmitted from a country somewhere behind the Iron Curtain, Hungary, or Bulgaria for example. Such messages were always transmitted in English to the free world, so is this such an example, a message transmitted from somewhere behind the Iron Curtain? If it is then No.6 is wasting his time down on the beach, because no-one is coming. And yet No.6 kept a daily look-out from the Bell Tower thereafter, just in case!

The Butler
   The Butler, played by the late Angelo Muscat, is a man of mystery, an enigma within a surreal series. Who moves on the fringe and yet he is always in the centre of each episode he appears in, which on the whole is 14 out of the 17 episodes of ‘the Prisoner.’ And perhaps there is much to this man which is more of a mystery than the Prisoner himself!

At Night When Everyone’s Asleep
  That's when the milk, the ice cream, the potatoes, and the aspirin arrive, and perhaps from along that fallout tunnel!

Meaningful Dialogue
Which Could Sum-Up the general public's View ‘the Prisoner’ at the time.
    "The committee are intrigued with your abstract but they're mystified... could you spare a minute to give them a word?"
    And the committee member's comment echoes the thoughts of the television viewer.
    "We're not quite sure what it means."

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