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Monday 20 January 2014

Caught On Camera!

    "All the world's a stage."
    Never mind Rover, he's got ambitious tendencies! No it's the curtains which draws my attention. The size of the wall screen changes size throughout the series, but someone has been arranging the curtains to resemble those of an actual stage!
    "All the world's a stage
and all men and women are merely players
They have their exists and their entrances......."
And Number 2 has just made his, although he has been here before, and is not at all happy at having been brought back. But now he has made his entrance, he'll have many parts to play. So I suppose to have the curtains around the wall screen like that is very apt.



  1. We discussed the stage aspect, the theatrics of The Prisoner especially in "Fall Out", didn't we. It may seem this was foreshadowed here and in "Once Upon A Time" as well. - BCNU!

  2. I like that! I've never noticed the curtains, but they are indeed apropriate - the world is a stage, and Rover is the audience.

    Best wishes

  3. Who may he be, Statler or Waldorf? - BCNU!

  4. Hello Arno and Jana,
    Indeed we have.
    I like the thought that Rover is the audience.
    I used to watch the Muppets, and those two in the audience Statler and Waldorf making their inane comments....great fun, they always made me laugh.

    Very best wishes