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Wednesday 22 January 2014

Pictorial Prisoner

   For years I had always had the impression that No.2 had organised No.58 to bring both himself and No.6 breakfast on a tray, but of course this impression is wrong for two reasons. Firstly No.58 brings breakfast for one, that of No.6, there's no breakfast for No.2, save for a piece of toast offered to him by No.6. Secondly, No.58 didn't arrive at '6 Private' with No.2, but actually arrived a few moments later, having been brought by tractor and trailor as No.54 was in 'Dance of the Dead.'
   If we forget the screening order of 'the Prisoner' for a moment, and go by the "library" order of the episodes which has 'Dance of the Dead' as the third episode, and 'Free For All' as the second episode, having breakfast brought to him by a personal maid is a privilege for No.6, and so it would seem for other citizens. Yet it is a privilege which No.6 has lost by the time of 'The Chimes of Big Ben,' because we see No.6 about prepare his own breakfast, until No.8 comes along to do it for egg or two?

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  1. Hello David,
    I'm wondering if it couldn't be seen as a privilege to be allowed to prepare ones own breakfast? When I look at these trays the maid who offered No6 a pot of hot chocolate comes to my mind. Good for him, or at least for someone.
    Bes wishes,
    Be seeing you.

    1. Hello Jana,
      Yes I suppose one could say that. And those night-time maids who make No.6 his nightly cup of drugged hot chocolate so that he would sleep. Except on one occasion he didn't drink it, but had a glass of water instead, and after one sip fell to the floor unconscious! And then there was the time when No.8, who was in love with No.6 at the time, made him his night-cap of hot chocolate, I wonder if she put a sleeping draught in it?

      Very kind regards