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Tuesday 14 January 2014

Village Life!

   What, try the boat, are you joking? What about that great storm the other week? She wasn't great in any weather then, she almost foundered at the quayside!
   There I was aboard her, manning the pumps for twelve hours, without a drop of drink and only a chew of tobbacco. The waves were so high, that at one point we were up in the air, and the next staring down into Davy Jones locker! In the end I had to give the order to abandon ship. Now that she's been raised, she needs a complete refit, it will takes weeks. But she'll be good again, in any weather, great storms permitting!

Be seeing you

1 comment:

  1. Hi David,
    Thank you for posting this. The dialog is very funny and make less dramatic the great storm. The boat is a good one. She was a little bit waterlogged. But she didn't sink and still waiting for Number 6 for another great adventure.
    Best Wishes