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Tuesday 28 January 2014

What's that No.6 Been Up To?

    "I don't understand they sound identical"
    "Yes sir."
    "And you say he was timing them?"
    "Yes sir, I'm positive. There was one in particular."
    "I don't suppose you know which one?"
    "Oh I, I, I've no idea sir. He kept looking at his watch, and then he wrote something down on a piece of paper."
    "Did he now. The sleeves are all the variation in tempo........what was Number Six listening for, what makes one of these records different?"
    "I've no idea sir. Oh and that's not all sir. He left his Tally Ho behind."
    "Well look at the front page sir."
   Of course the shopkeeper doesn't know which record No.6 was listening to in particular, or what it is that makes one of them different from the others. Or what No.6 was listening for, he just a weasel who goes running off to No.2 to report the least bit of activity that is different from the norm! He doesn't know which particular record, or even what No.6 was listening for, because he wasn't listening for anything because he was Jamming. And even if he wasn't, the result appears to be very much the same.....No.2 wasting the best part of the morning listening to six records for something that doesn't exist! Just a minute! That's not No.6's Tally Ho! No.6's Tally Ho newspaper was folded length ways, this Tally Ho is folded into an oblong! What's this No.112 up to, is he Jamming or what?

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