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Sunday 19 January 2014

The Therapy Zone

Pictorial Portmeirion

   For years that tall tree situated in front of the campanile, used to have a large wooden prop, to prop up the tree because it was leaning at what was thought to be a dangerous angle. So to prevent the said tree from coming crashing down onto both the Round House-Prisoner shop, and that of Portmeirion's gift shop, once an antique shop, the tree was propped up. But then someone came along and asked why the tree was being propped up, when the tree in question is supposed to lean like that, and therefore there was no danger whatsoever of the tree falling. So the prop was duly removed. A trivial story perhaps, but a lot of people might not know that!

Fall Out Was An Escape!
    Well that's what it seems to appear to be for many. But for Sir, it was a case of being just as much a prisoner at the end as he was at the beginning, which of course ‘Fall Out’ was. The ex-No.2, well he went back to another kind of Village, that of the political Village of Westminster, even if it was through the Peers entrance of the Houses of Parliament. As for No.48, well he is probably still out there, somewhere along the A20 trying to thumb a lift to somewhere or other!
   The Village was being evacuated, upon the order of the President. So where would all those citizens go? Who would look after those old folk, those in the hospital who have been medically experimented upon, where would they go? And those citizens born in the Village, what would life be like for them outside of the Village? But we need not concern ourselves too much about their predicament, because they'll be back in the Village before you know it. Look how fast the Butler returned after his entering No.1 Buckingham Place, and having packed his new masters bags for him! Well it was the Butler, and two suitcases had been packed by the Prisoners return to his house in the opening sequence!

   ‘The Prisoner’ series is riddled with continuity errors, one being No.8's badge on set in the woods during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben.’ When No.8 is with No.6 in the kitchen of his cottage, No.8's badge is correctly positioned pinned to her pink jersey. Yet by the time No.8 arrives on set in the woods, the badge is upside down! Maybe she dressed in a hurry!

   We know that No.6 hated his number, and refused to wear his badge. But when No.6 encounters people like Nadia during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ he freely admits that no names are used in the Village, only numbers, and freely admits that he is No.6! Also there was the chance to use the Prisoner's name when he met with Roland Walter Dutton for the first time in ‘Dance of the Dead,’ but didn't. Even when Fotheringay met with his old friend and colleague in the Colonels office, again during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ No.6 addresses Fotheringay by his surname, but Fotheringay addresses No.6 "Hello old man," again refraining from using his old friends name. I mean what harm would there have been for Fotheringay to greet his old friend and colleague, by simply using his Christian name......... "Hello John." And in Many Happy Returns, the Colonel says "You're a stubborn fellow Number Six." In normal circumstances the Colonel would have used his ex-colleagues name!

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