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Monday 13 January 2014

Thought for The Day

    It's A Question Of Rejection. No.6, so he says didn't accept, he rejected! He asked No.2 why he accepted? But what exactly was it that No.6 had rejected? His job, from which he had resigned? Well of course he had resigned, but from what? And what had caused this loyal man, who was once completely devoted to his work to resign? In my opinion, and it is only my opinion, that the Prisoner all begins with ‘Fall Out,’ and don't forget that ‘Once Upon A Time’ was originally a much earlier episode in the screening order. So that when during their deliberations during once Upon A time, it is quite possible that when No.6 says that he didn't accept, that he "rejected," No.6 could be talking about the offer of ultimate power offered to him during ‘Fall Out.’ Because if the Prisoner all began with ‘Fall Out,’ then ‘Once Upon A Time’ would follow sometime after ‘Fall Out!’ And it would make sense that what took place in that final episode made the Prisoner go and hand in his letter of resignation. What about the ex-No.2? Didn't he reject the Village, and said that he wouldn't be hypnotised by Number One anymore? Well I know, but I never said this theory was perfect!

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