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Tuesday 14 January 2014

The Therapy Zone

    Fall Out - No battle with No.2, unless of course you recognise the fact that a passed No.2 has been brought back to The Village as The President or Judge. Another former No.2 has suddenly become an ally with No.6.

   Checkmate - No.6 defeats himself by the way he takes command of his little venture to escape, and thus not having the Rooks complete trust. And it would seem that No.6 didn't trust anyone, that he had to oversee it all himself, using his reliable men as and when necessary, mostly for the difficult stuff - attacking the searchlight crew in the Tower, and tying up No.2! No.2 is completely satisfied, seeing as the Rook scored an "own goal!"

   No.2 seems perfectly at home as Peter Pan, and not at all uncomfortable with such lines as "Then how very uncomfortable for you old chap." She sees No.6 as having a future with them, that there are other ways! She is very self-assured, has a feminine masculinity, with elfin appearance, who is in control of a mostly female orientated episode. She once plays match-maker to No.6, suggesting that he find himself a nice young lady for carnival.
  She sees democracy as inefficient, an irritation which the Village Administration has removed. She is the only No.2 who sees No.6 as in individual, and individuals are always trying. And perhaps this No.2 has second-sight, because she tells the doctor-No.40 that No.6's observer will ring her the moment he puts a bomb in his lovely hospital. Well only two episodes on and No.6 gives the suggestion that he's planting a bomb inside a Cuckoo clock at the door of No.2's residence!

Just think, If No.2 hadn't involved No.6 in the plot to assassinate/execute the retiring No.2, the plot may very well have been successful. But the trouble is, No.6 is essential to the plot, as a matter of credibility, without which the plan may backfire. Well it did that alright, because have you ever known a plan which involves No.6 to succeed?

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