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Monday 20 January 2014

Thought For The Day

    'The Prisoner' has an enduring quality, in fact it is a television series which has endured over the past 47 years. In other words 'the Prisoner' has stood the test of time, and perhaps that is due to the fact that the series was produced by Everyman Films. Yes 'the Prisoner' is an ITC series, like so many television series ITC series of the 1960's, such as 'Man In A Suitcase,' 'The Saint,' The Baron,' 'The Champions,' 'The Persuaders,' to name but a few, all of which show their age today, and have not withstood the test of time. But the one big difference with 'the Prisoner' is that it was produced by Everyman Films, and one can only imagine that 'the Prisoner' might very well have gone the same way as other ITC television series had it not been for Everyman Films. But then again it was the same film crew and production people who worked on 'the Prisoner' who had also worked on previous ITC television series which have not withstood the test of time, so what is it about 'the Prisoner' that makes it so different? Perhaps that is the answer, it's because 'the Prisoner' is so different, and unlike any other ITC television series and we have Patrick McGoohan to thank for that. Had he come up with the original idea, but had he left the actual production to ITC, then 'the Prisoner' might have been a very different series to the one we all know so well. Perhaps more of a straightforward action adventure series, without the enigmatic and allegorical content. Also had ITC been fully responsible for the production, 'the Prisoner' may very well have been extended to the full 26 episodes which Lew Grade wanted.

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