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Thursday 30 January 2014

He's Coming Along Nicely!

   Yes, but coming along nicely to what?
   If you think the Prisoner had it bad, just look what they are doing to this chap!
But for the life of me I cannot figure out why they gave him the Prisoner's suit of clothes to wear!
   He's sat in front of a small fountain of water behind a square of glass, and a small white ball balanced on the spout of water. The man is making a series of, well I don't know how to describe it really, but there he is wearing the Prisoner's suit of clothes! Why? One interpretation might be, that the man is halfway to being amended. He's already been conditioned, now wearing the Prisoner's suit of clothes, now he's having his voice trained, and all that remains is for the man himself to be amended, to look like the Prisoner! Of course he needs to grow some hair first, or perhaps he's going to be fitted with a toupee! But to what purpose? Well your guess or interpretation is as good as mine! It could be that they are getting ready to replace the Prisoner in the outside world, or at some point in the face the Prisoner with himself! It's both inexplicable and surreal, and is completely unexplainable!

Be seeing you


  1. We know at least 2 kinds of cures used in the Village: "aversion therapy" which, as it seems, is what this good man is going through, conditioning and behaviour therapy. And "instant social conversion" something which remains more than vague in terms of what it could mean for the subject, medical treatment or pure torture. To be honest I didn't notice the clothes he's wearing. Either it doesn't mean anything and they were used simply because other clothes were in the laundry at the time of filming or it was meant for the eyes of No. 6 as a teaser, a reminder. Which it certainly was. However, if so, why wasn't this detail mentioned or hinted at in the particular scene? - BCNU!

  2. Perhaps it's Curtis - they're trying No.6's clothes on him to see if he's the same build. But there's a long way to go before he'll be a dead ringer for No. 6! A very long way....

    Be seeing you

  3. Curtis... hm. Advantage of growing hair overnight? - BCNU!

  4. Hello Arno and ZM72,
    Very good, very good indeed. A good deal of plastic surgery will be involved, and the ability of growing hair overnight will be an advantage, ha ha ha ha ha ha I like it.

    I have no idea why this chap is dressed in the Prisoner's clothes. It could be simply be for effect, it could be a meaningless piece of business, thrown into the mix simply to confuse and tease the viewer! Certainly there is nothing in the scene to give anything away.

    Very kind regards