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Friday 24 January 2014


    Michael resigned, because he found out what Summakor was doing and was very uncomfortable with that. Six wants to physically escape the Village, and this he attempts to do by crossing the desert. I'm not sure how Six was expecting to be successful in this endeavour, because he did so without food or water, without knowing where he was escaping to, because he didn't know where he was escaping from. But somehow I guess Six felt that anywhere is more preferable to The Village. So why are other people interested in escaping, the "dreamers," and why don't they? Why can't they, or have they? Well obviously escape from The Village is difficult, I won't say impossible, forget that it's all in the mind for a moment. But the Village is in the middle of a desert, with nothing but miles and miles of sand in all directions, and the mountains beyond to contend with. We witness how Six attempted to escape, more than that, 93 tried to escape across the desert, and got as far as the mountains before he died. So the question is, if one is to try and escape The Village, in which direction into the desert does one go, and for how far? Or have people actually escaped too the Village? I mean all you have to do is look at 313's other self - Sarah, who when she was a young girl was abused by her father, mother, who doesn't want to leave the Village to go back to what Sarah had become.
    People are nervous around six, they have every right to be. People who get close to Six are put in harms way, and worse, they die, all you have to do is look at 455 and 4-15-Lucy. 93 died in the company of Six, but what of? I mean I don't think the old man had been shot at all, perhaps his heart gave out, and if so he suffered what we are later to understand, as being a "Village death," which is a happy release from the Village returning the citizen to his former life in the "other place." But what "other place" might that be in the case of 93? London, of the former Village of the original series, seeing as how 93 is the former No.6!
    I can imagine how 93 would be curious about the Village. How he would have many questions to ask, like where am I? Where is this place? What do you want? In the original series No.6 found out about Jammers, so in this reinterpretation 93 found out about "dreamers," and found out that he himself is a dreamer, as he remembers his former life. 93 is a crossover from the original series, being the former No.6. No.6 was always tormented about his resignation, had a persecution complex even. So is that why the former No.6 was brought to the Village in M2's mind, so that No.6 could be fixed and then returned to his former life, but then which former life would that be exactly?

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