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Sunday 26 January 2014

60 Second Interview With the Supervisor-No.56

    No.113: “I didn't think the position of Supervisor warranted an assistant.”
    Supervisor-No.56: It doesn't.”
    “But No.249 was your assistant during Checkmate.”
    “But we have photographic evidence with you and No.249 together.”
    “No.113b “Smile!” {click goes the camera}
    “Together yes.”
    “Surveillance footage of you and Number two-four-nine actually working together in the Control Room at the radar screen.”
    “And even with an assistant you weren’t very good as a Supervisor were you? I mean you were the only Supervisor to have been observed to have enjoyed a direct assistant, in the same way as Number Two.”
    “Well when you put it like that.”
    “Well you didn't notice the Rook-Number Fifty Three stealing that surveillance camera from it's fitting.”
    “Contrary to belief Observers cannot see and hear everything.......”
    “But at the moment of the Rook stealing the camera, you were viewing the central area of the Village through that very camera!”
    “The Rook tilted the camera downwards.......”
    “But the picture on the wall screen in the Control Room didn't alter!”
    “Precisely! And if the wall screen in the Control Room was actually showing the same images which the surveillance camera was filming, then as the Rook tilted the camera downwards, that action should have been reflected on the wall screen in your Control Room.”
    “But it wasn't. It must have been a delayed feed!”
    “You mean a fault in the surveillance technical system?”
    “No, I mean a continuity error!”

Reporter No.113
Photographer No.113b

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