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Saturday 25 January 2014

Thought For The Day

   Once Number 6 had searched a deserted Village, spent time building his sea-going raft. Then setting off on a voyage of discovery having escaped the Village, fighting off supposed gun runners, and having to swim for it, little did he realise that he would be washed up on a beach just a stones thrown from Professor Schnipps rocket hidden in a lighthouse! Just as well he didn’t swim out to the lighthouse, otherwise who knows what might have happened, certainly it would have put paid to Number 6’s escape. But then that predisposes that Professor Schinipps would know who Number 6 was, which of course he wouldn’t! So at the very least Number 6 would become a prisoner in the Lighthouse, and another fight on his hands would certainly ensue in his attempt to escape! So probably just as well that Number 6 ignored the Lighthouse, and made his way scrambling up that chalky cliff face!
   As it happens the Lighthouse at Beachy Head was manned at the time, so perhaps the Lighthouse Keeper witnessed the filming that had taken place on the beach during ‘Many Happy Returns.’ Certainly he would have done when the film crew returned to actually film scenes at the Lighthouse for the episode ‘The Girl Who Was Death.

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