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Sunday 12 January 2014

A Favourite Scene In The Prisoner

   I don't know why this No.2 didn't trust his assistant No.14 more, or why did had to dismiss No.14 like that before he opened that white envelope. But I like the anticipation of the moment, you can see it in his face. The envelope is opened, he puts his hand inside to draw out the papers, but pausing for a moment, that's the point of anticipation. Which is quickly replaced by disappointment!
   Not only disappointment, but confusion and bewilderment! No.2 cannot accept that there's nothing written on those sheets of paper. There has to be something written on them, words, figures, anything. He cannot understand why No.6 should hide blank sheets of paper in the cabin of the Stoneboat, so therefore something must be written on them. Has No.2 never heard of Jammers?!

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