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Wednesday 15 January 2014

The Therapy Zone

   When in ‘Once Upon A Time’ No.6 approaches a citizen by the pool in the central Piazza he demands to know what his number is, and runs through a numerical sequence at the top of his voice, which appears to be relayed over the entire Village through the public address system! I mean what's that all about? As well as being downright daft, it's bloody well inexplicable!

The Village A Place Where Anything Can happen!
    For example, one moment deserted as a ghost town, as though it's been completely abandoned, but repopulated the next, as in the episode of ‘Many Happy Returns.’ Imagine if you will, as the Prisoner makes his unhappy return to the village, walking through the empty and deserted streets of The Village, making his way back to his cottage. Then as the new No.2 presents No.6 with a cake, he looks out of the window of his cottage, looks out upon the populace as they parade round and round the central Piazza as the Brass band plays. All those citizens who suddenly, as though on cue, all come dashing out of their cottages, the Brass Band being driven round in a pair of Mini-Moke Village taxis, the very moment No.2 has gone inside No.6's cottage, to present him with a cake. A cake not with 39 birthday candles upon it, but 6!

   No.22, personal assistant to the retiring No.2 in ‘It's Your Funeral.’ Now I may be barking up the wrong tree here, and I know that the actor is Mark Burns, rather than his predecessor of ‘Hammer Into Anvil’ No.14 played by Basil Hoskins. But I can't help but think that the two characters from the two episodes are supposed to the one and the same. I mean the actors look similar in appearance, the piped blazer is the same, as is the polo neck jersey. They do the same job, only their numbers are different. But unlike No.14 of ‘Hammer Into Anvil,’ who is as active as possible, and who only wants to help No.2, No.22 appears to have little or nothing to do!
   No.22 knows full well what is planned for his immediate superior, but lacks the power or courage to do anything about it. If this No.22 is supposed to be the former character No.14 of Hammer Into Anvil, and I do say if, then his lack of courage to assist and save his superior, stems from his treatment by No.2 in the preceding episode of ‘It's Your Funeral.’

Waste Not Want Not
    "Waste not want not," this No.2 tells No.6 when they meet up in the mortuary in the Town Hall. So considering that phrase, I mean if No.6 is supposed to have died in an accident at sea, perhaps she should have used the dead body of Curtis, having put the amended wallet in his pocket, and the body dumped somewhere out at sea. I mean that would have saved on the plastic surgery!  Waste not want not, simples.

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