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Saturday 18 January 2014

Hiding Behind The Mask!

   We can see that No.1 hides behind a number of masks until they are stripped away to reveal a face we know so very well, that of No.6.
   But there are others who put their true identities behind a mask, ‘C’ of ‘A B and C,’
along with those faceless men and women of the assembly for a start. Yet false identities are stripped away, as No.2's persona has died, and he is resurrected as a new man {I say this simply for arguments sake} his true self having been left back in the cage. Or perhaps the personal mask he wore as No.2. It could be said that the old mask of No.2 was stripped away by the removal of his hair and goatee beard. And having been so stripped away - No.2 can no longer hide! As for No.48, he doesn't appear to hide behind a mask of any kind. With No.48 what you see is what you get, and in that perhaps No.48 is the purist of us all.


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