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Tuesday 14 January 2014

Feb 10th

    Have you ever wondered when the local elections took place in the Village? The broadsheet The Tally ho gives no clue. And yet there is a clue, and it sits on the bedside table in No.6's cottage, the day-date calendar that read Wednesday February 10th!
   What is it about this date Feb 10th? It appears on the newspaper in both 'A B and C' and 'The Schizoid Man,' well that's simple enough, the broadsheet acts for both episodes, you're simply meant to notice the headline in the one episode, and only the date in the other! But the day date calendar, I expect that's something left over from filming the scenes for No.6's bedroom for 'The Schizoid Man,' but that no-one either didn't notice it, or it was thought that the television viewer would not notice and simply left it as it was. But you would have thought that Doris Martin who was responsible for continuity at the time, would have at least changed the date during the production of 'Free For All!'

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