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Friday 31 January 2014

Escape The Fall Out!

   London - 1968 and the arrival home after the evacuation of the Village.

   "You can't go about dressed like that you know.”
   "Why not?"
   "Well you stand out more dressed like that here, than I did on the day of my arrival in the Village!"
    "We're both free men, we can do and dress as we like, eh Number Six!"
    "I'm not Number Six or a number of any kind, just as you're no longer Number Two. You're number nothing!"
    "Well it has been fun, but I've got to go now. People are waiting."
   "If I decide to do a second series......." McGoohan asks.
   "Don't call me whatever you do!" Leo replies.
   "Was it really that bad?"
   "Remember in that embryo room scene...... you nearly strangled me to death. If it hadn't been for Angelo bashing you over the head with that truncheon...!"
    "We both got carried away" Patrick pleaded.
    "With our characters?"
    "What else?"
    "Yes, well that's as maybe, but you were playing it for real. A second series, count me out! But I’ll be seeing you the next time around!" said the ex-No.2.
    "Next time around what?" asked the Prisoner.
    "What are you going to do now?"
   "Go home" the Prisoner replied.
   "And take our little friend there with you I suppose" said the ex-No.2.
   "Well yes, I thought I might…..”
   “What resign? Take care, that's my warning to you my boy. What’s more, watch out for a black hearse, that's my advice to you.”
    The ex-No.2's then crossed out of Parliament Square, across the road. The Prisoner stood and waved as his old friend entered the Houses of Parliament through the Peers entrance.
    Having caught a bus, and upon returning home back along Buckingham Place, standing outside his house by his car, the Prisoner is passed by a slowly moving black hearse, possibly lurking, waiting to pick up its next victim!

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