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Monday 13 January 2014

A Character Witness

    Here we have three main characters of The Prisoner, No.2, who although we do not see much of, does get the first crack at the Prisoner. In as much that he welcomes the Prisoner to the village, debriefs him, then treats the Prisoner to an aerial tour of the village. He seems on the surface to be a perfect gentleman, who has obviously come to the end of his term of office, the debriefing of and introducing the Prisoner to the village was obviously his last task as No.2. For we do not see him again.
   The Prisoner, a man with almost as many questions as No.2! He rejects the Village, and is determined to escape at the first opportunity. Re refuses to answer any of No.2's questions, and only gives such information as the time of his birth, as his life is his own. He will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, brief debriefed, or numbered. Well I suppose three out of seven isn’t bad. After all the Prisoner was filed away in a grey filing cabinet, and indexed as having "resigned." He was debriefed by No.2, and as sure as mustard, he'll be numbered by the end of Arrival!
   No.9 who was assigned to Cobb, is later assigned to No.6. She is obviously very good at her job, although she might despise the work she does, No.9 refuses the offer of escape with No.6. She, like so many other citizens in the village, is a mere pawn.
    No.2, he's a confident fellow if ever thee was one, both confident and self-assured. He knows what No.6 is up to, he's got the plant - No.8 to keep him informed on No.6's activities. He wants to see No.6 settle down, to join in. Although he's not so sure as this plan, that someone's come up with, would work. He has a larger than life laugh, and finds certain things amusing. He even turns a blind surveillance eye as No.6 uses his home-made tools to create his sculpture. this No.2 is the second to offer a deal to No.6. But No.6 only makes deals when it suits him, as it does when he's trying to fool No.2 with his supposed sculpture.

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