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Saturday 11 April 2015

A Favourite Scene In The Prisoner

  When the Prisoner on the morning of his arrival in The Village emerges from his cottage and looks up to see a figure leaning out of one for the windows of the Bell Tower. He quickly rushes round to the door of said tower and runs up the steps inside, eventually to come face to face with a statue!
  Now who would put a statue inside the
Bell Tower, and right at the very top? Perhaps the Prisoner arrived in The Village during “Rag Week!” That some of the students of Speedlearn had become somewhat over zealous, and hauled that statue up to the top of the Bell Tower for a joke! Well the joke appears to be on the Prisoner, because there never was any sign of that man who had been leaning out of the window. If he be a natural thing, where did he come from, where did he go?

Be seeing you


  1. It's one of my favourite scenes too and a great way to start the series. And is that a "Ghost Train" quote in your post today? (one of my favourite films). Or perhaps you're suggesting the original figure seen on the bell tower is Ted Holmes!
    Be seeing you

    1. Hello ZM72,
      As a matter of fact yes! It is a quote from 'The Ghost Train,' and the film is a particular favourite of my wife and I. It is clearly impossible to determine whether or not it is Ted Holmes in the Bell Tower, because we cannot see if the lamp is still burning in his hand!

      Tommy Gander......he's a scream!
      I see we have something else in common!
      Very best regards