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Sunday 12 April 2015

All Unpleasant Memories Of The Village Removed!

    The idea of sending Number 6 out of The Village to operate in the outside world during ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling,’ was so that he would lead them to Professor Seltzman. It’s unsure if there are two sides looking for Selzman, British Intelligence and those behind The Village, or just one. If British Intelligence is behind The Village, why the need for both Potter and the Undertaker? Potter was following ZM73, and the Undertaker was following Potter, and would extract ZM73 and Seltzman to bring them both back to The Village. Potter, it might be supposed was left unconscious in that cellar of the barber’s shop. No doubt he would have some explaining to do to Sir Charles Portland, not only for the loss of Professor Selzman, but also of ZM73. Because even if British Intelligence was behind The Village, that’s something Sir Charles Portland could never admit to. Otherwise that gives evidence that it was he who had ZM73 put in The Village in the first place, after his future son-in-law had resigned his job!
    However I’ve digressed. Because before Number 6 was allowed to operate in the outside world, all unpleasant memories of The Village had been wiped from him mind, and regressed back to the day he was to have handed in his letter of resignation. So had this been forgotten by the end of the episode? Because Number 6 wakes up and sitting up on the operating table, removes the goggles he’s wearing, and appears to know exactly where he is, and with full knowledge of what has taken place, and of the Colonel. It would appear that Number 6 has had a sudden recall of memory. But no, Number 6’s memory of The Village returned to him in the hallway of his house back in
London as he looked into the mirror.
   And yet none of that explains one specific anomaly in ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling.’ The mind of Number 6 may well have been regressed back to the day he was due to hand in his resignation, and ZM73 supposedly returned to
London on that day. But the fact of the matter is ZM73 had actually resigned his job a year previously. Mind regression is one thing, but time travel doesn’t even enter into it. So why didn’t Sir Charles Portland make mention of ZM73’s resignation of a year ago? Perhaps like ZM73, who was busy trying to prove his identity, Sir Charles Portland had his own agenda which nothing must undermine, the finding of Professor Seltzman!

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