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Thursday 23 April 2015

Thought For The Day

    The Schizoid man, no I don’t mean Number 6, well I do, but the other Number 6, Curtis. When Number 6, who was by that time conditioned to be Number 12-Curtis, Number 2 said to him that they had to pull all the strings they could in order to get him seconded back to them. Does that mean Curtis had been with The Village before, and if so in what capacity? Perhaps he had been like so many others, brought to The Village as prisoners, who were made to talk, then turned to work within The Village. Or perhaps like Cobb, released back into the outside world, but as an agent working in the interest of The Village. But Curtis had a special attribute to bring to bear, his remarkable resemblance to Number 6, and was eventually returned to The Village in order to impersonate 6!
     There was another opportunity for The Village Administration, to send Curtis out into the world in order to impersonate ZM73. He could have spun a yarn saying he’d changed his mind about resigning, and if accepted back into the fold, could infiltrate the department for which ZM73 had previously worked within British intelligence, but working for The Village. And there would be no need for the use of the Seltzman machine in this case. Mind you, if it was ZM73’s previous employers who are behind The Village, well Curtis might well find himself back in The Village if they didn’t believe his story! No that wouldn’t work, because if it was ZM73’s own people behind The Village, then it was them who pulled all the strings they could in order to get him seconded back to them. But that would indicate that Curtis had been with them previously in The Village, wouldn’t it? Remembering Number 2’s own words that is, “We had to pull every string we could to get you seconded back to us!”

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