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Sunday 5 April 2015

Thank God I’m Home!

    “Thank God I’m home,” these are the words spoken by Nadia Rakovsky soon after she woke up in what she thought was her own home. But why was she so grateful for being back at home? Had she had a bad day? Perhaps she had just resigned her job, but like the Prisoner-Number 6 she arrived home too late to avoid whoever it was who abducted her to The Village.
   But of course there is absolutely no truth in it, because what we see on the screen is only for Number 6’s benefit, and that of the television viewer. Nadia Rakovsy, if that be her name, was play acting. She hadn’t had a bad day at all, well perhaps she was about to, as she said that she didn’t think it would be like this, presumably meaning The Village! She told Number 6 that all she did was resign, when Number 2 had previously told Number 6 that she had been brought to The Village to recuperate! Perhaps Nadia was suffering from mental exhaustion! When she told Number 6 that all she had done was resign, perhaps because she thought he would be more sympathetic towards her. He wasn’t, well not until he thought Number 8 knew the location of The Village, so that he could calculate where he was sailing from!
   Nadia is very plausible the first time one watches ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ and like Number 6 we are taken in by her. But after that we are wise to her play acting, and she’s no longer fooling anyone!

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