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Thursday 23 April 2015

Village Life!

    “You remind me of someone?”
    “Is your name Fuller, Robert Fuller?”
    “Name? Names are not used here.”
    “What about Drake, John Drake?”
    “I’m One nine five five, always have been.”
    “You’re not John Drake working undercover?”
    “I’m a school teacher.”
    “I could have sworn.”
    “What about you Six, are you an Undercover?”
    “If I said no, would you believe me?”
    “Probably not.”
    “If you were John Drake I bet you could get us out of here!”
    “If I were this John Drake person you keep mentioning, I bet he wouldn’t have got himself in here in the first place!”
    “If he did, if he managed to infiltrate The Village, he’d have friends on the outside who could get him out.”
    “I’m just a school teacher.”
    “So am I.”
    “Well we’d better get to class.”
    “What do you teach?”
    “Village philosophy.”
    “And you?”
    “Surveillance techniques. I’m demonstrating the new “Roach-cams.”
    “Oh, I’ve heard about those. Tiny fibre-optic cameras.”
    “Who told you that? Now we use tiny cameras attached to cockroaches. The clue being in the title!”    

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