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Monday 13 April 2015

They Do Not Like Failure Here!

    With the command of “Orange Alert” activated by Number 2 himself, by pressing a button on a control panel, he releases a segment of the Guardian from a containment area somewhere on the seabed. Then having reached the surface it skims across the water in hot pursuit of Number 6 and Nadia, having escaped The Village aboard their coracle. How did the Guardian know what the target was? Perhaps it was instinctive, certainly no-one could have told it what its intended target was. Unless the intended target was somehow conveyed to the Guardian through the command of Orange Alert, otherwise while out at sea the Guardian could have attacked an innocent fishing boat from Braniewo!
    So where does the failure come in? Oh I forgot to write, that this is the only time the Guardian fails to retrieve escaping prisoners, unless of course you count what happened in ‘Fall Out!’

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  1. Hello David,
    I think maybe, if the release of Rover was just a trap to ensure Number Six that they were followed and barely managed to escape, it might explain both problems. Rover might have been instructed in advance to follow them when he is released, but let them escape when he is "shot".

    Best regards,

    1. Hello Jana,
      Well yes, that's about the truth of the matter, because Number 2 has to let Number 6 and Nadia escape! So really the Guardian didn't fail. But the situation did have to be made to look realistic through the eyes of Number 6 at least.

      Very best regards

    2. Hello David,
      absolutely, yes. Even more so it had to look realisitic through the eyes of the viewer!
      Very best regards,