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Friday 3 April 2015

Quote For The Day

    “He who digs a pit, will one day lie in it.”
                                      {Number 6 - A Change of Mind}

    Because more often than not, those who dig graves for others end up sleeping in those graves themselves! Number 2 thought he was digging a pit for Number 6 by turning all the citizens against Number 6. To achieve this he had two of his hoodlums set upon Number 6 when he was alone at his gymnasium apparatus in the woods. Number 2 knew how it would be, that the two men he deliberately chose to pick a fight with Number 6 would come off the worse. That then gave them the chance to report Number 6 to the Committee, knowing Number 6’s reaction. That he would treat the Committee with contempt, which of course he did. But it was enough to bring Number 6 to the attention of the committee, and that his continued attitude of disharmony would see him declared as unmutual!
    The problem with the citizens of The Village is, they are socially conscious citizens and are provoked by the loathsome presence of an Unmutual! And yet its simply a witch hunt, “Citizens unite to denounce this menace in our presence!” And the Committee appears just to be another tool at Number 2’s disposal. Perhaps if the previous Number 2 had succeeded with ’Plan Division Q,’ there would be no need to carry out such inhuman operations as ’Instant Social Conversion.’
    It also begs the question as to where all these so called disharmonious unmutuals came from in the first place. After all up until ‘Checkmate’ almost everyone seemed to be happy in The Village. Well perhaps not up to ‘Checkmate,’ come to think of it the citizens didn’t seem that happy at the Carnival! However there are times when the citizens appear to be happy, when enjoying themselves on the beach for example. Well perhaps there are more unhappy people in The Village than there seems, and an interim Number 2 did admit to Number 6 that there was a list of malcontents, and that he was top of the bill! And yet nothing was done about it, not even when they had the opportunity.
    Like so many of his predecessors this current Number 2 was guilty of seriously underestimating Number 6. Who was not only able to turn the tables, not only on Number 86, but also on Number 2, by using 86 as a tool against him. And with his cleverness Number 6 was able to hoodwink Number 2 by telling him what he wanted to hear. And the pit which Number 2 had dug, in this episode, which he thought Number 6 would fall into, in fact ended up lying in that pit himself, in a manner of speaking!

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