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Thursday 16 April 2015

If 6 And 1 Are One And The Same..... Who Is No.2?

    We know who Number 1 is, and as for Number 6, well there can be no further doubts of his identity. But who exactly is Number 2? Chairman of The Village, and the chief administrator certainly. And at other times the chief inquisitor or interrogator if you prefer.     Number 2 can be seen as a number of individual people, who are recruited to, or are former prisoners of, The Village. Both male and female, of differing nationalities, from English to American, from Bulgarian to Welsh, and Australian. Some are more administrative than interrogator, or vice versa. Some are given the remit of discovering the reason behind the Prisoner’s resignation, while not damaging the tissue. And yet others are allowed to go as far as to break Number 6, while others understand that he must not be broken, that they don’t want to damage him. What they don’t want is a man of fragments, seeing as there are other ways, because Number 6 is seen as having a future with The Village!  And what the majority of Number 2’s have experienced is failure, in one form or another. Whether or not one brings Number 6 into question as being a failed Number 2, would depend on how much belief one has in the election process within The Village. As for success, well that’s all too far and away for Number 2 as a rule, especially when Number 6 is involved.
    There is another way of looking at Number 2, that 2 is but one single entity, but shows numerous individual facets of the same character with every successive Number 2. Sometimes kind, sometimes gentle. Number 2 can be charming, intelligent, capable of making quick decisions. Has the welfare of the community at heart. 2’s feminine side can ruthless. Others determined, taking calculated risks. Is deceptive, sadistic, cruel, calculating. At times it seems Number 2 knows just how far to go with Number 6, and no further, and yet would do him serious harm if it were not for the boundaries set for dealing with Number 6. But yet, on occasion Number 2 is allowed to over-step those boundaries in order to achieve the success which Number 1 craves. Number 2 is in touch with his feminine side, the female being more deadlier than the male, and ruthless with it. Perhaps this is placing too much interpretation on the figure of Number 2. That 2 is not one single entity, but a sequence of different individuals. Their origins, all but one, are unknown. One Number 2 appears to have his origins in the House of Lords, as he is seen to enter the Houses of Parliament through the Peers entrance the way he does in ’Fall Out.’ Or perhaps working within the Foreign Office, seeing as what an influential person he has been in the past. And of course he was also a former prisoner in The Village, 2 confessed that much himself. So who is 2?  2 is second only to 1, and only slightly more important than 3!

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