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Friday 17 April 2015

Village Life!

   Supervisor “Look can’t you get this new system up and running? Cancel this screen-saver and put up camera thirty-four.”
    Number 269 “There’s a cobweb up there!”
    “Hanging from the dome of the chamber.”
    “I’ll get the cleaners to look at it.”
    “Well I’m looking at it now.”
    “When we should both be watching Number Six!”
    “Oh he’ll be tucked up in bed with his cocoa.”
    “Cocoa, who’s his
    “His nightcap of hot chocolate.”
    “Ah! Look can’t you simply re-set the system?”
    Voice of the electrician “It’s not as easy as that guv.”
    “Well just switch it off, count to ten and switch it back on again, that generally works.”
    “Don’t mention that thing guv!”
    “Mention what?”
    “The General, fit for nothing but scrap in the end. And that’s what they called a super computer!”
    “I wonder if I stood on a chair I could reach it?”
    “Reach what?”
    Number 269 “That cobweb. You don’t happen to have one of those de-cob webbing thingies do you?”
    Supervisor “Do I look as though I have one of those de-cob webbing thingies on me?”
    “Well no, but its irritating seeing that dangling there.”
    “Well don’t look at it, find something else to do.”
    Voice of the electrician “Here guv.”
    Supervisor “What is it now?”
    “We did what you suggested. Switched it off and counted to twenty just for luck.”
    “We switched it on again, and blew the S stroke 5c converter convector.”
    “And that’s gibberish for what?”
    “We need a new five amp fuse for the plug!”
    Number 269 “Oh well, at least they didn’t fuse the lights!”

    “You spoke too soon!”    
    “Damn and blast!”
    Voice of the electrician “Anyone got a torch?”

Be seeing you

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