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Monday 6 April 2015


   Thinking outside the box for a moment, the question springs to mind “what if ZM73 {for want of a better name} had been in The Village before his abduction to the aforementioned installation?” So what we as the viewer witnesses on the screen is in fact the Prisoner being taken back to The Village. Suggesting that Number 6 had in fact given into them, having told them what they wanted to know, and that they had managed to turn Number 6. Then like Cobb, Number 6 had been released from The Village into the outside world in order to work as an agent for those behind The Village.
   But then something happened, causing ZM73 to hand in his resignation. As soon as he returned to his home he was trying to get away before they came for him. But he was too late, they came for him {the two undertakers} before he was expecting them. Thus ZM73 was abducted back to The Village, with Number 2 wanting to know why one of their agents had gone so drastically wrong, why he wanted “out” in having resigned? This of course does not take into account the fact that when the Prisoner-Number 6 wakes up in The Village he doesn’t know where he is. Fictionally that is something I had to set to one side, or imagined that for one reason or another, all unpleasant memories of The Village had been removed from ZM73’s mind!
   Talk about trying to re-shape parts of the jigsaw to try and make them fit!

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