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Friday 24 April 2015

Quote For The Day

    “Turn that thing off.”
    “I beg your pardon?”
    “Turn it off I said!”
    “I’m listening. Music makes for a quiet mind.”                              
                               {Number 14 and Number 6 - Hammer Into Anvil}

    Music makes for a quiet mind, well not as far as Number 14 is concerned it doesn’t! Number 6 put the poison in alright! It’s a pity Number 14 wasn’t more forceful with Number 2. But then about the only thing 14 was good at, was obeying orders. He said he would really enjoy giving Number 6 a “good dusting” down. But he almost ended up being dunked in that tank of water after the bout of Kosho. I never could understand why Number 6 let him off like that.
   And then in a fit of rage, having Number 2 turn on him like that, and accusing him of being a traitor, when Number 14 was loyal. Well he went straight round to 6 Private to have it out with Number 6. A brawl was bound to ensue, and part of the interior of 6 Private got caught up in the fight. But no real damage was done, nothing was really broken. Apart from the French door which was closed when Number 6 threw 14 out of his cottage. Through the door, and taking the balcony railings with him as he went!
    It is not known whether or not 14 survived the fall, lying there on the ground, tangled up in the wrought iron railings. Number 14 wasn’t a very likeable man, he was Number 2’s right-hand man that‘s all. Well strong arm man, a henchman even. An ambitious man, always willing to please. A man who would do anything for Number 2. All Number 2 had to do was give him the word, and he’d see to it that Number 6 had an accident, and see to it that Number 2 couldn’t be tied to it. Organise an accident for Number 6 indeed, that man couldn’t organise a booze-up in the Cat and Mouse nightclub! It may be supposed that Number 14 perhaps saw himself filling Number 2’s deck shoes one day. Well as it turned out, he perhaps ended up filling something entirely different…………a coffin!

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