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Friday 10 April 2015

Quote For The Day

    “Thanks for the trip dad.”
                              {Number 48 - Fall Out}

    It was rather wonderful wasn’t it, apart from Carmen Miranda and “I I I I I I like you very much…….” Personally I never have liked that song! But apart from that it was mostly good, as escapism goes. Because one can forget all the questions, the numerous interpretations, theories, and ideas, and just go along with it. ‘the Prisoner’ means what it is, a visual feast for the eyes. Somewhere to escape to for fifty minutes, or longer if one watches more than one episode back to back.
    It might have been an interesting trip Patrick McGoohan took us on, but exactly where did we end up? Well back in The Village where it all began. But that’s not where it all began was it? It all began with a clash of thunder and a long deserted runway. There you stand, in the middle of that runway, thunder clashes over head, as dark clouds gather. There’s a storm brewing, and you, for some reason are in the middle of it! Suddenly there’s a car hurtling at you from out of the distance. You can’t move, your legs are paralysed. The green, yellow nosed Lotus 7 gets nearer and nearer, you are moments from death! The tyres squeal as the driver hits the breaks, the car swerves to miss you, finally coming to a stop a few yards ahead. The driver of the car looks back over his shoulder, an arm is raised, and a finger beckons. You look at the car for a moment, that beckoning finger for a moment longer, for that is all it takes for you to make up your mind.
    Once in the car the driver starts and revs the engine and the Lotus 7, with you now in the passenger seat, moves off once more along that long and deserted runway. The Lotus drives ever faster, the runway seems endless. Suddenly there is a curious smell which the rushing wind cannot hide. It is the smell of something, or someone long since dead. You turn your head to look at the driver, who has aged a good number of years. Youth has suddenly been stripped away, leaving an aged man, with long thin grey hair. The hands that grip the steering wheel are bony and covered with a leathery skin drawn tight over the bones. Suddenly the head of the driver turns to face you, the face is skull like in appearance with the skin drawn tight. The eyes are loose in their sockets, one falls out and dangles on a strand of sinew. The jaw drops and you slump down in a dead faint……………Thanks for the trip dad!

Be seeing you

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