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Monday 13 April 2015

A Question of Resignation!

    Number 2 told the Prisoner that a lot of people are curious about what lies behind his resignation. He had a brilliant career, his record was impeccable. They want to know why he suddenly left. Number 2 does personally believe that it was a matter of principle, but what he thinks doesn’t really count does it? One has to be sure about these things. But the Prisoner sees that as giving them the right to poke their nose into his private business, but its Number 2’s job to check his motives. The Prisoner said that they’ve been checked {I wonder when that was done} but a second check never does any harm, as a few details may have been missed. It may be that the Prisoner never wrote in that resignation letter, or never said, the actual reason behind his resignation! And when faced by the Colonel during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ all he said was “It was a matter of conscience.” But had the wrist watch been set at Polish time instead of English time, then they might have learned more of Number 6’s motivations behind his resignation. However the Prisoner did say a little more after being persistently asked by Number 6 in the Embryo Room why he resigned. “I resigned because too many people know too much. I know too much about you,” meaning Number 2. But even then the Prisoner said very little on the subject of his resignation, it must have been something which was very personal and private to him, as suggested by the envelope containing his letter of resignation!

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