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Friday 17 April 2015

Teabreak Teaser

    When Nadia is suddenly startled by the rotating bust in the woods, Number 6 tells her, "They can see us, but they can't hear us. You can talk freely." How does Number 6 know that?

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  1. I was wondering the same thing recently when viewing the episode for the umpteenth time. Possibly he was told this by 'The Woman' ( Virginia Maskell ) when she gave him the Electro-Pass in 'Arrival'. That helicopter pilot she knew may have been the talkative type. Its just a wild guess. Best wishes, Zokko

    1. Hello Zokko,
      Well why not? Its as good an idea or interpretation as any other. And that's another good point you raise, the curious way to credit Virginia Maskell as "The Woman," why not use the number she was given in the episode, Number 9? The use of "The Woman" makes me think of how Sherlock Holmes referred to Irene Adler as "The Woman" in the Sherlock Holmes story 'A Scandal In Bohemia.'

      Very best regards