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Thursday 2 April 2015


    Loyalty doesn’t always pay. Take Number 6. He remained loyal after resigning his job, even after their betrayal of him. The Colonel, well he was not to be trusted as far as he could be thrown. He is a highly placed Civil Servant, and no better should be thought of him. But Fotheringay, how to describe a man so eagerly looking forward to seeing his ex-colleague again. I suppose being an ex-colleague and therefore no longer of the “Old Firm,” makes Number 6 fair game. It probably wouldn’t have been quite so bad had Fothergay not claimed to had gone to the same school as Number 6, as he did in the ‘Alt-Chimes.’ Old school chums, classmates even, one time colleagues and friends, these things matter not one jot to one in the fold of British Intelligence. And further more he betrayed Number 6 so easily, and without feeling. He was most convincing speaking on the telephone, one believed him the first time, because then we didn’t know any different.
   Had Fotheringay, at one time or another, found himself in The Village as a prisoner? If he had it wouldn’t have taken him long to talk, and like Cobb be released from The Village to serve new masters. Because there can be no doubt that Fotheringay was working for The Village, on assignment and not simply following orders. He asked Number 2 what his next assignment was. He must also have been a trustee, trusted that when he returned to
London he wouldn’t talk to anyone about either The Village, or his ex-colleague held captive there. Loyalty, sometimes it pays, just ask Fotheringay!

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