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Thursday 30 April 2015

Every Plan Has It’s Flaw!

    ‘Arrival’ has a flaw in its plot. Number 6 told Number 9 that he saw her leave Number 2’s residence. Well perhaps he did, perhaps that’s something to which we as the viewer is not privy. Number 9 suggested that he saw her going into Number 2’s residence. Well that would be more like it, seeing as he followed Number 9 after leaving the Brass Band concert. In fact Number 6 is seen looking up at the Green Dome, so he could have easily have watched Number 9 make her way there, and enter Number 2’s residence. So instead of confirming Number 9’s suspicions that he saw her go in, he chose to say he saw her leave. That must have meant Number 6 hung about the whole time Number 9 was being briefed by the new Number 2. Perhaps so that his suspicion of Number 9 was confirmed when he saw her leave. Perhaps not so much of a flaw in the plot after all as once thought. 

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