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Thursday 30 April 2015

Quote For The Day

    “Report on Number Six normal, classification, on arrival subject showed shock symptoms, followed by accepted behaviour pattern. Since then has been uncooperative, and distinctly aggressive. Attempted to escape, subject proving exceptionally difficult, but in view of his importance no extreme measures to be used yet.
                                                               {New Number 2 - Arrival}

    “No extreme measures to be used yet!” What extreme measures might they be? I’d say they soon changed their minds, as using an experimental drug on Number 6 was pretty extreme, just so they could get into, and manipulate his dreams. And worse, not only to alter the man’s appearance but to so condition him to be someone else. In this to take away the man’s very identity! But later there would be even worse, no, not putting him in a dangerous environment of Harmony, Number 6 was in a dangerous enough environment as it was. But to actually give him a change of mind, the act of mind transference with that of the Colonel’s. Whose idea was it to take such extreme measures, Number 1 no doubt. The new Number 2 said that no extreme measures were to be used yet. Number 2 during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ said of his assistant, who suggested that there were methods they haven’t used yet, that he didn’t want a man of fragments! But things soon changed after “Chimes” that’s for sure, even to the point that at least two Number 2’s were allowed to go so far as to break Number 6 in his mind. That’s pretty extreme, because if it had gone wrong, they could have lost Number 6. Not physically, but mentally!

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