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Sunday 12 April 2015

Be Still!

    The man who dodges about in the central Piazza during the episode of ‘Arrival,’ was attacked because he didn't stand still like everyone else, after Number 2 had given the order to "Be still." It may be explained as to why the Guardian attacked that young man because it detected movement. After all in ‘Checkmate,’ as the white membranic Village Guardian passes by, everyone stands still by the side of the street {apart from the man with the walking stick} until "it'" has passed by. It might be extreme, but even the spout of water from the fountain in the central Piazza stops, or hadn't you noticed that? However returning to ‘Arrival’ for the moment, because as Number 2 gives the order to "Be still," The Prisoner tries to move forward, but appears to be suddenly frozen to the spot. Almost as though the command cannot be over-ridden!
   Well that's fine as it goes, and is reason enough to explain why that man was attacked in that scene during ‘Arrival.’ However, it does not explain why The Village Guardian did not attack Number Fourteen {the man with the walking stick} who was walking along in ‘Checkmate’ as the Guardian passed him by, yet ignored him. Number 14 is obviously showing contempt and defiance of the Guardian, but perhaps as it passed by it detected that the man was too old for escape, or to cause any mischief. So simply ignored him!

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