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Thursday 2 April 2015

Thought For The Day

    This coming Prisoner convention being held at Portmeirion over the weekend of April 17th to 19th, an ex-Number 2 {Derren Nesbitt} will be returning to The Village. Well that’s not quite right, seeing as how he technically never really made it to The Village in the first place!
    As an interim Number 2 he was eager to please, as he over-saw ‘Plan Division Q’ the planned execution of a retired Number 2. The trouble was you see, having to involve Number 6 in the plan. And that wasn’t good for this particular interim Number 2 who gave his word that the plan was running like clockwork, and was “dead on schedule!”
    It can only be supposed what exactly was going through the newly appointed Number 2’s mind when the Top Hat official placed the great Seal of office about his neck and shoulders. He must have known at that point that the game was well and truly up for him, and from that moment it was merely a question of his survival. Because he couldn’t be sure whether or not the plastic explosive secreted in the Great Seal would be detonated by radio or not. The detonator could have been activated during the struggle between Numbers 6 and 100, then what? Perhaps that might have served the same purpose for Number 1, any assassinated Number 2 might have served, newly appointed or not.
    As a friend once wrote in an email, its not everyday one is afforded the opportunity to meet a returning Number 2 to The Village, or words to that effect. I can only hope for his sake, that he has rather more success this time than he did the last, nearly 48 years ago!

Be seeing you


  1. Ah, suppose it's me who wrote that, David. Actually I wrote "a retired" No. 2. But you're also quite right here: he's a "returning" No. 2. I for one can say I've got my bullet-proof vest and h helmet ready. Just in case the Great Seal is brought into the convention room... - BCNU!

    1. Hello arno,
      Yes it was you my good friend, and thank you for the correcton, I have made an amendment as I didn't have your email in front of me when I wrote the above piece.
      I like your description its most amusing. If the Great Seal of Office is brought into the convention room for the interview with Number 2, it could be a very nervous interview, if only for the interviewer!
      Dare I say that the clock is ticking down towards the convention.

      Very kind regards