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Saturday 18 April 2015

Many Happy Returns – Day 7!

Missing Person: –Presumed Escaped!
    It has been a week since Number 6 was last seen out and about in The Village. He has not been seen playing chess with the ex-Admiral or the General. The postman called at ‘6 Private’ twice this week and could get no reply on either occasion. Number 6 has not been to the gymnasium, water skiing, or seen to climb the Bell Tower. It would appear that the last person to have any contact from Number 6 is the Shopkeeper of the General Store. There having been a note written in chalk upon the counter
  This apparently after a break-in at the General Store, which resulted in the theft of the following items; a copy of The Tally Ho, a black loudspeaker. A jar of cooking oil, a packet of Village darning needles. Several tins of ‘Village Food’ provisions, including baked beans, and corned beef, together with a camera. And it is suggested by the written note, that the culprit was Number 6!

So does anyone know where Number 6 is?

Be seeing you

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